Sitingo Car Tire Snow Socks Performance Series

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It provides unmatched roadholding and steering control in snowy and icy road conditions.

30% thicker fabric structure compared to Eco Series

ISO9001 Quality Certificated

EN16662-1 Quality Certificated in European Standards

Fabric structure tests were carried out by TÜBİTAK.

It does not damage the vehicle mechanical parts, steel rims, wheel covers or electronic systems such as ABS and ESP. It does not make vibration or noise while driving.

The chain breaks or rusts in one season; Sitingo Car Tire Snow Sock provides long-term use.

Tear Resistant Ripstop Technology is used.

It is 100% domestic production. It has been accepted as the equivalent of the chain in Europe and America for more than 20 years.

Easy Installation in 4 Steps

For quick and easy installation, put the snow socks on your vehicle tire from the top.

Pull the snow socks on as far down as possible.

Rotate the vehicle tire half a turn forward or backward.

Finally, put the snow socks on the other parts of the tire.


Check the dimensions specified on the vehicle tires and order the size that suits your tire.

Apart from your vehicle's make, model and production year, check the tire size written on the side of the tire.

If you have changed the size of your vehicle's factory tires, order snow socks that are compatible with your new tire size.

Continue driving after making sure that the sock fits the tire properly.

You can easily leave the area where there is snow and ice without exceeding the speed of 40km/h.

Reduce your speed during sudden acceleration, sudden braking and cornering.

When you enter the main road from a snowy or icy road, you can easily remove the snow socks from your vehicle.

Do not use it on dry asphalt or soil when unnecessary or for testing purposes.

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