Although vehicles have regular periodic maintenance , they need extra care, especially during seasonal transitions. Vehicles that have difficulty in harsh winter conditions require renewal and detailed cleaning.

Things to check during spring maintenance

tire change

The first priority should be tire replacement. At the end of winter, it is necessary to replace winter tires with summer tires. Winter tires are the most valuable material for you to travel safely in difficult weather conditions and not to lose the performance of your vehicle. So what happens if we don't change it? Winter tires used in hot weather stick to the asphalt due to heat. Not only do they reduce the performance of your vehicle, they also start to upset you in terms of fuel. Just as we move faster with sneakers and slower with boots, this also applies to vehicles. Consequently, fuel performance starts to upset us.

If you do not want to change your car tires every season or if you do not have tires but do not want to use them on the chain, we recommend you to use car snow socks . Auto snow socks provide unique road holding and steering control in snowy and icy road conditions. Chains rust at some point and break. Snow socks are preferred because they are easy to put on and take off and are long-lasting. Auto snow socks are waiting for you with their quality materials and unique prices.

Air conditioning and filters

Air conditioners generally work intensively during the summer months. However, unfortunately, their maintenance during seasonal transitions is neglected in our country. However, whether it is the gas it contains or the dust accumulated in its filters, it starts to become harmful after a while. We use heaters in our vehicles during the winter months. That's why dust accumulates in air conditioner pipes and filters. Unfortunately, we breathe in all the dust that accumulates when the air conditioning is turned on for the first time in a poorly maintained vehicle. Therefore, it is a maintenance that should not be neglected, both for our own health and for the health of our vehicle's air conditioning.

Battery and electronic parts

Batteries become weak during the winter months. The reason for this is that the cold affects the electronic parts and our vehicles work less than in other seasons. Moisture formed on the hood after weather events such as snow and rain affects the electronic parts of our vehicles. The weakening of the batteries affects everything from the door locks of the vehicles to their operation. In order not to be left without a vehicle in the cold winter months and to avoid being victimized in the summer months, we recommend that you have it checked during seasonal transitions.

Oil and water control

Oil and water levels of our vehicles are vital for engine health. We already need to check the oil regularly, but when we move from summer to winter or winter to summer, we definitely need to check the oil condition. In order for the engine to work healthy and with performance, the oil level must be as it should be and the oil must maintain its freshness.

Another important issue is engine water. It must be checked during seasonal transitions due to the use of antifreeze in the winter months. This is a process that needs to be done more frequently in the summer months due to evaporation and the engine getting hotter.

auto cleaning

The interior and exterior cosmetics of our vehicles wear out over time. Especially in winter, we get in with our snowy and wet clothes and get the car seats wet. Later, when you turn on the heater to warm up, that wetness begins to dry and remains as moisture. This wears out our car seats and car seat covers over time. In the summer months, this happens when we sweat. Afterwards, it becomes inevitable for the colors to fade by being exposed to sunlight all day long. That's why we recommend you use Sitingo car seat cover. Our car seat covers are resistant to water, dust, moisture, sunlight and cold. You can choose either a vehicle-specific car seat cover or a leather car seat cover . All our car seat covers are easy to clean, ISO:9001 quality certified, and airbag compatible. By using car seat covers, you preserve the originality of your vehicles. You can find our car seat covers here .

We talked about the importance of both interior and exterior cleaning during seasonal transitions, but engine cleaning is just as important. After all the maintenance of our engine is done, we also need to have it cleaned. In this way, it will last longer after maintenance. In this way, you will protect both your life and your pocket.