The most worn areas in our cars are the seats. Our car seat covers , which are used in all kinds of weather conditions, summer and winter, get wet and are exposed to the sun, become deformed after a while. We do not need to wait for them to deform to take precautions. Precautions can be taken before or after. Those who do not want to choose standard car seat covers and want them to be special, prefer to buy special covers for their cars through Sitingo's design-it-yourself module.

Design it yourself, it adds value to your vehicle. Its design is unique and special to you. You can get ideas by examining these designs, which you can make according to your own taste in any color combination among leather car seat covers, spandex car seat covers and other fabric types, in our "From You" section.

Things to consider when buying a car seat cover

We are aware of the importance you give to your cars. First you have to decide what you want. You can plan from the material to be used, color, stitching and pattern, and get an idea from the "From You" section, if necessary, to see previously made samples. Afterwards, you must decide whether you want to buy a standard car seat cover or whether you want to pamper yourself or your loved ones by buying a special car seat cover for the vehicle. I can almost hear you say it's a car seat cover specific to the vehicle. Then, by entering Sitingo's "Design Yourself" module, you can customize your car's seats by choosing either a leather car seat cover or hundreds of different types of car seat upholstery fabric. Remember; We recommend that you get help from professional auto upholsterers during the purchase and installation phase after purchase.

Design your own cover

We allow you to design vehicle-specific car seat covers according to your own taste, from fabric to stitching, and see how they look on the screen while designing. The vehicle-specific car seat covers, which we produce based on the brand and model year of your vehicle, are designed to be compatible with your vehicle using special sewing technology, with details such as airbag compatibility and seat belt entries, and have hundreds of five-star reviews.

Special design car seat cover prices

With our specially produced car seat upholstery fabrics, it has never been easier to design a car-specific car seat cover that is waterproof and impact-resistant, does not cause sweating and increases the comfort level with its orthopedic design. In addition, the Sitingo brand is one of the most preferred brands with its experience of being in this sector for more than thirty years and with the campaigns and discounts it offers most of the year. It is among the most popular brands not only domestically but also abroad, with its product quality and service.

You can also have a car seat cover customized for your vehicle by entering the "Design Yourself" module. Prices vary depending on the number of seats in your vehicle and the materials you choose. It is that easy to own a quality car seat cover .

What about standard production cases?

Don't have time to design a car seat cover? Do you think a car seat cover specific to your vehicle is more costly? Don't worry, we have thought about this and compiled our passenger car seat covers and light commercial car seat covers for you. Our car seat covers are standard compatible with all brands and models in universal molds. You can find our standard production covers here .