From time to time, the vehicle ceiling fabric may wear out and become damaged. In these cases, the characteristics of the vehicle should be taken into consideration when choosing a new auto upholstery fabric . In this sense, suede ceiling fabric compatible with most vehicle users and vehicles can be among your new options. Let's take a look at the striking suede fabric features among ceiling fabrics.

What is Suede Ceiling Fabric?

When it comes to cleaning and insulation in vehicles, ceiling tiles come to mind as well as all upholstery. In this sense, there are many types of fabric that can be used in ceiling tiles. The fabric called Alacantra, also known as suede and the most useful type of suede especially among upholstery fabrics, is an example of this.

Suede textured fabrics are available in various versions and usage areas. In this sense, suede fabric comes to the fore with different versions depending on where it is used. When it comes to vehicle ceiling fabric, suede ceiling fabric stands out as a very appropriate choice.

In this sense, suede auto upholstery fabric used as upholstery fabric is obtained by mixing 60% polyester and 40% polyurethane threads. In this sense, there are suede textures in a wide variety of colors that we offer to you with our Stingo company. Especially the suede that we sell within our company is laminated with sponge and consists of a 3-layer structure.

The reason for these layers is to enable users to have comfortable rides and journeys regarding heat and sound insulation. In this sense, you can experience this comfort by visiting our website and choosing one of the suede fabrics in the color that best suits your vehicle.

What Should the Features of a Suitable Suede Car Upholstery Fabric Be?

Attention should be paid to the quality, type and color of the fabrics used in vehicle upholstery. In this sense, these features should be taken into consideration when choosing vehicle ceiling upholstery fabric. In this sense, if you are going to choose a suede ceiling upholstery fabric, you should be aware of the features it is expected to provide you.

Healthy and reliable suede ceiling fabric for vehicles should have many protective and driver-comfortable features. In this sense, the features of our suede textured fabrics offered to you by Stingo with their ease of use and comfort can be said as follows;

  • It is laminated with sponge and produced in three layers.
  • It has ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate. (In this sense, the quality certificates of the fabrics used in vehicle upholstery must be checked for health reasons.)
  • There is a 2.5 mm thick flame laminated sponge structure at the bottom of the fabric.
  • The back of the fabric has a felted structure.

With all these features, the fabrics in the suede category, among the Stingo vehicle ceiling fabrics, are compatible with many vehicles and offer aesthetically beautiful images to vehicle owners.

Advantages of Using Suede on Vehicle Roof

Today, suede is a product that is popular in many areas, from clothing to upholstery, and is preferred by most people due to its ease of use. In this sense, there are approximately four different types of suede. The ones used in vehicles are mostly Alacantra type suede.

Each type of fabric has features and advantages that enable it to be used in vehicles. Suede also has many advantages in this sense. The advantages of using our fabrics, which we provide with Stingo assurance and sell as vehicle ceiling upholstery fabric, for you, your vehicle and your family, can be expressed as follows;

  • For those who want aesthetics to be at the forefront, such fabrics are frequently preferred to reflect simple and elegant beauty. You can reflect the noble stance in your vehicle, especially with the light and dark color options offered with the Stingo assurance.
  • Although it is thought that there will be no stains on the ceilings, vehicle ceilings may become stains as a result of using the wrong fabric and not being able to transfer between layers, such as interior washing and rust leaking from the ceiling. In this regard, suede fabrics are known for their very stain-resistant properties.
  • With its soft and light structure, it does not disturb people in the vehicle.
  • It has a non-slip structure and is a type of fabric that is resistant to fading in terms of color.

In this sense, people who prefer to have these features and advantages in their vehicles can choose suede as the ceiling fabric.

The Importance of Choosing Suede in Upholstery Fabrics

Sometimes it is noticeable that the vehicle ceiling upholstery fabrics sag for some reason. This situation is not considered a positive phenomenon in terms of both in-vehicle safety, visual and insulation.

There may be many reasons for the sagging in question, and one of them is fabric selection. Due to wrong fabric selection and problems experienced during application, various sagging may occur in the fabric on the ceiling.

In this sense, the suede car upholstery fabric that can be used on ceilings is resistant to sagging and does not cause problems such as sagging, especially during washing. As a benefit of this, it can be mentioned that its lifespan is quite long.

Should Suede, Woven Fabric, Knitted Fabric or Jacquard Fabric Be Used for Vehicle Ceiling Fabric?

The properties of the fabric to be chosen for the vehicle roof are important for users. In this sense, it is known that suede ceiling fabric is very useful for the vehicle.

However, in terms of visuality and usefulness, not every vehicle owner is obliged to choose suede textured fabric. In addition to suede, woven fabric is also among the frequently preferred products. Woven fabrics also have a dense structure and are resistant to stretching, sagging and washing. There are also many types of woven fabrics purchased with Stingo assurance.

In addition, one of the fabric types that can be used in vehicles is Jacquard fabric. There are many types of jacquard fabrics. For example, Jacquard knitted fabric or Jacquard woven fabric can be preferred for the vehicle. The thickness of these types of fabrics may differ from each other, but you should know that every fabric you buy from us is of the highest quality and is sufficient for your vehicle. In this sense, you can choose from our quality flooring that appeals to you visually.

All of these are high quality fabric types that are suitable for use on vehicle ceilings. If you cannot decide which type to choose, you can contact our company. Our expert staff will assist you in this regard.

How to Apply Suede Fabric to Vehicle Roof

If you wish, you can request technical support for the application of suede structures. But you should make sure that it is a company you trust. You can deliver the suede ceiling upholstery fabric you purchased with Stingo assurance to an authorized person and request that it be covered.

As a second method, you can also choose to do the coating yourself. In this case, the interior accessories on the ceiling must first be removed. Then the old auto upholstery fabric should be removed. In this way, old ceiling tiles can be easily removed.

Afterwards , to place the suede ceiling fabric , the entire upholstery must be removed and by using the appropriate adhesive, the new ceiling tiles of the vehicle can be completed.

Although ceiling tiles can be replaced easily in this way, it is still best to get help from a professional. Because some mistakes can sometimes cause sagging. It would be best to get help, both in terms of budget and the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

Is Suede Healthy for the Vehicle and Family Members?

If it is decided to use suede in ceiling tiles, it stands out as a very healthy choice, especially with its insulation and three-layer structure. In this sense , suede ceiling fabric has carbon neutral properties.

The fact that a fabric has this feature is important for both the environment and the health of people who are constantly in the vehicle. In this context, in the production of suede, a carbon-neutral auto upholstery fabric, extra efforts are made to prevent the greenhouse gas, called carbon gas, which causes the climate crisis, from being released into the atmosphere. In this sense, this type of fabric stands out as being very healthy for both the driver and the environment.