You may think that your car's own seats are fine and clean, but as time goes by, these seats become covered with dirt, hair, sun damage, etc. It is worn and damaged due to reasons such as. This causes your seats to look bad and cause discomfort. To solve all these problems, you can buy a special car seat cover for your vehicle. Car seat upholstery cover would be a very logical choice to make your vehicle look like new. So, what is a car seat cover and what should you pay attention to when choosing a car-specific seat cover?

What is a Car Seat Cover?

Car seat cover protects fabric or leather surfaces in your vehicle from stains, spills, crumbs, dust, dirt and debris. In addition to all this, the benefits of purchasing a DIY seat cover for your car include:

  • Cleaning seat covers is easier than cleaning the vehicle's own seat. You can clean it quickly with a cloth or by throwing it directly into the washing machine.
  • Since vehicle-specific seat covers are designed specifically for your wishes, they provide a more beautiful and more eye-catching appearance.
  • You can easily remove or remove the cover, but you do not have the chance to do this in the vehicle's own seat.

Car seat upholstery cover is a very useful item, especially for families and pet owners. Worries such as pet hair or your baby getting the seat dirty are no longer a problem with the car seat cover .

Vehicle Seat Cover Models

There are two car seat cover models that vehicle owners can choose according to their preferences. The first of these models is the classic seat cover, while the second is the design-your-own seat cover.

Classic Sofa Cover

The majority of people prefer these classic seat cover models when buying seat covers for their vehicles. Classic seat covers are car seat covers that are compatible with many vehicles. It is not possible for these seat covers to be specific to your vehicle or to be different from the designs used by everyone else. The classic seat cover is suitable for use in many vehicles and often has common designs.

Design Yourself Sofa Cover

Design-your-own seat covers, as the name suggests, are seat covers produced specifically for you. The biggest advantage of these seat covers is that they are produced completely in accordance with your wishes and needs. Since it is produced just for you, you can add any feature or any design you want. Although it is more expensive than the classic seat cover, it is also very effective in terms of use as it fits exactly your wishes.

Things to Consider When Buying a Special Seat Cover for Your Vehicle

There are many points you should pay attention to when buying a special seat cover for your vehicle. Before touching on all these points, it is necessary to talk about fabric selection, which is perhaps one of the most important points in the car seat cover selection phase. The car seat cover fabric model you should buy varies greatly depending on your wishes and needs. Here are the auto upholstery fabric models:

Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene seat covers, produced from the same material as scuba diving suits that are resistant to high pressure, temperature and humidity, are made of rubber. In addition to being stronger than woven fabric, it is also highly resistant to water. It also provides maximum protection against dirt, debris and UV rays emitted by the sun. Since neoprene is a very durable material, car covers made of this fabric will provide maximum protection for your vehicle.

Another positive aspect of neoprene fabric is that it is not flammable. In this way, it protects against fires and also provides protection against cigarette burns. If we talk about the only negative aspect, it is not flexible. For this reason, you may have difficulty installing a seat cover with neoprene fabric, but once you install the cover, it will fit into your vehicle quite nicely.

Velvet cloth

Velvet sofa fabrics can be produced from polyester or cotton. Velvet fabrics offer a very comfortable use to the people sitting on the sofa thanks to their extra soft surface. Additionally, it has more models and designs than other fabric types. In this way, you can give your vehicle a different look by using velvet seat fabric.

The negative aspects of velvet fabric are that it is not resistant to water and that it cannot be used especially in summer months when temperatures are high. Velvet fabric can be quite overwhelming in the summer months. Despite all these negative aspects, if you want your sofa cover to be stylish and comfortable, you can choose velvet fabric.

Leather fabric

Since leather fabric is not a stretchy fabric type, it is usually found in seat covers produced specifically for the vehicle. Since leather fabric is more durable than synthetic fabrics, if you want a more durable seat cover, you can choose a car seat cover with leather fabric. In addition, since they can be cleaned very easily, they are preferable for people who do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning.

Although leather fabric adds a beautiful appearance to your vehicle, it can be quite sweltering, especially when left under the sun or in summer, as it absorbs heat, just like rhinestone fabric. This situation can become more annoying, especially with dark-colored leather seat covers. Additionally, fabric color change can be observed in non-genuine seat covers due to temperature problems. Therefore, be careful to buy natural leather fabric.

Vinyl Fabric

Another type of fabric is vinyl, which is a synthetic material made from plastic. Seat covers made of vinyl fabric provide long-term use for vehicle owners thanks to the durability of the fabric. Vinyl fabric, which is highly resistant to moisture, can also be easily cleaned. Additionally, since it is an environmentally friendly type of fabric, it is also very useful in reducing your carbon footprint.

Things you should pay attention to other than the fabric type


Price is one of the main things that car owners pay attention to when buying a design-your-own seat cover. Although these types of covers have many advantages, vehicle owners find themselves worried because they are more expensive than classic covers. When buying seat covers for your vehicle, it would be more appropriate to spend according to your budget. There is no need to strain yourself unnecessarily. It would be more beneficial to buy the seat cover model that best suits your needs and budget.


The size of the seat cover is another point to consider when buying a seat cover. If the cover you purchase does not fit your vehicle's seat properly and leaves a bulge, it will cause you to have a very uncomfortable usage experience. Therefore, before purchasing a seat cover, measuring the seat length carefully and carefully and purchasing a seat cover suitable for those dimensions will ensure a more comfortable use. Another thing you should pay attention to at this point is the flexibility level of the seat cover you will buy. Since some types of fabric are quite flexible, they may leak when you buy them according to your exact seat size. For this reason, when buying a seat cover, you can get help from the person selling it and purchase it accordingly.


Many vehicle owners do not prefer to spend much time cleaning the seats. At this point, it would be more appropriate to choose fabrics that can be cleaned more easily and quickly. For example, since seat covers made of leather or vinyl fabric can be cleaned more easily and with all kinds of cleaning materials, people who do not want to have to deal with cleaning can choose one of these two fabric types.


The last thing you should pay attention to when buying a seat cover specific to your vehicle is the design and appearance of the seat cover. In addition to being useful, seat covers provide a different look to your vehicle, so you should also pay attention to the design when purchasing auto upholstery fabric. You can give your vehicle a different look by purchasing a cover that you think will suit your vehicle.

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